Our oil-tempered grades are used for valve springs in combustion engines as well as for other springs that are subject to extreme fatigue demands, such as transmission and crankshaft damper springs. 

OTEVA® oil tempered valve and transmission spring wire 

For valve springs in combustion engines as well as for transmission and crankshaft damper springs subjected to extreme fatigue. OTEVA grades cover all demands of high performance in tensile strength, fatigue life and coiling properties.

SWOSC oil tempered valve spring wire.

SWOSC is a Super Clean steel, especially intended for the manufacture of valve springs and other springs requir­ing high fatigue properties and good relaxation properties at moderately increased working temperatures.

KD oil tempered clutch spring wire

For use in clutch springs of different types with various performance demands. KD is an oil tempered wire with good dynamical characteristics. 

STATO oil tempered spring wire

An oil tempered wire grade used for springs subjected to static stress or moderate fatigue. STATO meets demands on ultimate tensile strength and relaxation properties comparable to the OTEVA grades. Good coiling characteristics make STATO an excellent alternative to cold drawn spring wire.