Global Presence Offers Exciting Positions & Career Opportunities


Working at Suzuki Garphyttan

We offer our employees interesting and progressing opportunities. Our company is a place for personal challenges and development and, of course, also a place to get to know new people.

Suzuki Garphyttan is a multicultural company with coworkers in and from many countries. There are exciting development possibilities in other countries as well as in your home country. Your opportunities are the same whether you're an accountant, engineer, male or female, and regardless of your origin.

This is your job

With us the challenges are many and career path options are for instance Technical Development or Marketing. We always have need for you with an academic background. The areas that are constantly at the forefront in the internal development process are; development engineer, project managers, process developers, product specialist, flow manager, SGLS technicians/engineers and system developers, just to name just a few of our key roles.

Grow with us

Each Suzuki Garphyttan employee has an individual development plan that is regularly reconciled in employee discussions between the manager/employee. In these discussions, your achievements against the goals are measured and the demands the company has on you for your next career step are checked.