World leading wire products

Suzuki Garphyttan develops and manufactures advanced steel spring wire for applications where the quality and performance requirements are extremely strict. The main applications are valve springs, transmission springs, piston rings, wave springs, die springs, linear guides and springs for fuel injection systems.

We are world leaders in advanced spring wire products and a part of the Japanese Suzuki Metal Industry Group. Our vision is to strengthen our unique world-leading position as suppliers of oil tempered valve and transmission spring wire as well as other high quality wire products and strive for the position as the customers’ preferred choice and long-term partner.

To support us in this we use the Suzuki Garphyttan Lean System (SGLS). It describes our fundamental values and is a guide in our day-to-day conduct. Read more in section “About us”.

Oil Tempered Wire

Wire for valve springs in combustion engines as well as for other spring subject to extreme fatigue demands, e.g. transmission and crankshaft damper springs.

Stainless Spring Steel Wire

Stainless wire in round (GARBA grades) cross section, used for springs demanding special properties such as resistance to corrosion, fatigue, heat and wear.
Stainless wire in flat or shaped (GARBAFLEX grades) cross section, used mainly for engineering applications with strict demands on among others wear resistance and dimensional accuracy.

Carbon Steel

Wire with flat and shaped cross sections of Carbon Steel (GARBAFLEX grades), especially designated for sophisticated engineering and high performance.
Round cross section of cold drawn Carbon Steel wire (GARBED grades), especially designated for high quality bed/mattress and seat springs.

Traded Wire Products 

Nippon Steel & Sumikin SG Wire Co., Ltd.’s products manufactured in Japan are marketed and sold by all Suzuki Garphyttan units.

For specific markets in Europe we also market and resell Patented Wire from our German Site.