All Suzuki Garphyttan Sites are certified according to ISO/TS 16949.


All Suzuki Garphyttan manufacturing Sites are certified according to ISO 14000 and our environmental policy stems from a life-cycle perspective. It reflects our consideration of each product’s total ecological load in terms if production, usage and disposal.

Our Environmental Policy in short:

“Suzuki Garphyttan aims to reach a durable and valid development concerning the external and internal environment as well as health and safety for all employees. The company shall continuously work towards improvements and prevent pollution.

The responsibility for a properly functioning environmental policy is given the same status as all other activities. This work is goal oriented and directed by internal environment audits according to plan.

A significant contribution to environment improvement at work is respect for, and trust in the individual. Suzuki Garphyttan will be known as a safe and stimulating place to work in. Manufacturing processes and raw materials will be sourced and chosen with the greatest concern for the employees’ health and nature’s resources.

Suzuki Garphyttan shall meet current environment requirements, both from the outside world and the market. We shall also promote that our partners among our vendors apply the same environmental concern.”