About us

At Suzuki Garphyttan, we take pride in being a world-leading supplier of advanced steel wire products. Our focus is developing innovative products and sustainable production methods, always in close collaboration with our customers. With our strong steel wires, you'll be ready to conquer any project that comes your way.

As a global company, we conduct environmentally licensed operations in Germany, Sweden, England, USA, Mexico, and China. We're always pushing the limits of what's possible, creating innovative win-win solutions together with our partners to help them grow in a profitable and sustainable way.

We are passionate about challenging ourselves and leveraging our expertise to serve the needs of various industries. Through prototyping and quality assurance, we continuously push boundaries and advance. Our strong automotive legacy has built the foundation of our effectiveness, and with our established processes, we have broadened our offering in recent years. Now, we are a trusted partner for innovation and quality across many sectors.

We originate from the small town of Garphyttan in Sweden. Today we are part of the Japanese Nippon Steel Corporation and you can find us in several locations around the world. Thanks to our journey and extensive experience, we can offer our customers an expertise that is hard to beat.

Local presence around the world

Our management team

Ad Raatgeep


– The best thing about working at Suzuki Garphyttan is witnessing the constant innovation and dedication of our team to deliver high-quality products to our customers. It's inspiring to be part of a company with a strong heritage that continues to evolve and adapt to the changing market needs.

Maria Karlsson

CCO, VP Communication

– Nothing starts with result. Everything starts with people. Suzuki Garphyttan gives me the opportunity to do just that. To work with people, their engagement and development. As a familiar, smaller global steel industry we put our people, our company culture and our values in the front seat in a sometimes complex and challenging world. Our abilty to live up to demands of visibility, transparency, and trustworthiness are essential for our collaborations and strengthening our company and our brand going forward. The possibilities for this "100 year old" is endless!

Malin Hallberg

CQO, VP Quality Assurance

– Suzuki Garphyttan has managed to keep a small company atmosphere when we have grown. We have kept a feeling of being close to decision making, sharing and learning best ways of working and supporting each other. We have fun and enjoy even if we challenge ourselves a lot on our interesting journey of changing our product portfolio.

Jonas Blomdahl

CMO, VP Marketing & Sales

– Working at Suzuki Garphyttan is an exciting journey. Our team is a remarkable blend of skilled and passionate individuals who continuously challenge the status quo. I'm always humbled by the creativity and determination that drives us all.

Helene Nylander

Management Coordinator

– I appreciate the cheerful and uplifting environment we have at Suzuki Garphyttan. Our team is full of supportive individuals and it's a real joy to be a part of such a positive and energetic workplace.

Lars Gunnarsson

CFO, VP Finance

– In our business we see that we can contribute to developing the world for a better tomorrow. Our stable financials let us meet new demands and develop material and production processes in a sustainable way.

Robin Olsson

CTO, VP Research & Development

– Caring people, world class technology and a strive for a better tomorrow is what defines Suzuki Garphyttan and our sites around the globe. I love to go to work, fulfilling the customers requirements of today, and at the same time be curious about the solutions of tomorrow. Suzuki Garphyttan has a global impact, and here you can actually be the difference every day for the people, for the products and for the customers.

Claes Unestål

CHRO/VP Human Resources

– I'm proud to work at Suzuki Garphyttan because we genuinely care about the growth and well-being of our employees. We provide opportunities for personal and professional development, creating a work environment where everyone can thrive and contribute to the success of our company.

Ulf Pelow

Global Organizational Development Manager

– The best thing about Suzuki Garphyttan is being surrounded by curious, talented, and passionate colleagues who strive to learn and develop both themselves and the organization. Every day. When we all strive to be the best at what we do, and to create an environment for everyone to be their best selves, that makes for a very exciting and motivating journey.

Local presence around the world

As a part of Japanese Nippon Steel Corporation, we offer exceptional steel wire products, maintaining our Garphyttan, Sweden, heritage. This partnership enhances our global reach and quality commitment while preserving our signature close-knit culture.


Over 100 years of experience

For over a century, we have developed and manufactured strong and reliable steel wires. As we continue to expand our expertise, beyond the automotive industry, we remain committed to embracing sustainable solutions in order to unlock the full potential of our customers' products.


Together for a better tomorrow

Our vision, together for a better tomorrow, is the inspiration for everything we do and every decision we make. We strongly believe that through close collaboration, being innovative and trying new solutions, we can reach our goals together.