Over 100 years of experience

Since our inception in 1906, we have steadfastly focused on creating superior steel wire for the automotive industry. Over a century, our dedication to quality has cemented our reputation as a global leader in this specialized field. We pride ourselves on relentless improvement, always enhancing our products and services and adapting to the market's changing demands.

Innovation and stability

Our success is rooted in our ability to innovate. We constantly strive to pioneer solutions, refine our manufacturing processes, and foster a forward-thinking culture. Our special emphasis is on producing customizable wire products with impeccable surface quality, diverse shapes, and excellent formability. Through rigorous testing and prototyping, we deliver cutting-edge cold drawn wire products in stainless and carbon steel.

However, innovation doesn't overshadow the importance of consistency and reliability. We've made organizational changes to strengthen our Sales and Research & Development teams. These improvements help us maintain the quality service our customers expect while exploring new opportunities, both within the automotive industry and beyond.


The market's evolving demands have spurred us to expand our horizons. We are proud of our growth, not just in traditional areas but also in new territories. The Suzuki Garphyttan brand is now recognized in new markets, with a current distribution of 80 percent in automotive and 20 percent in other sectors. Our goal is a balanced 50/50 split, a target we are progressively approaching.

Pioneering automatic tailgates

In the modern automotive landscape, the convenience of automatic tailgates has become a standard preference. Our wire is integral to this feature, allowing car owners to effortlessly open their vehicle's tailgate with a simple command.

Our work with automatic tailgates showcases our ability to innovate beyond traditional boundaries. In a short span, we have become the market leader in this area, manufacturing essential components for half of all electric tailgates produced globally.

Shaping the future

With over 100 years of experience, our passion for excellence, innovation, and customer satisfaction fuels us. As we move forward, our commitment to top-quality products and services is unwavering. We continue to shape the future of the automotive industry, guided by our heritage and our unwavering dedication to quality and service.

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