Your future job at Suzuki Garphyttan

At Suzuki Garphyttan, we are pursuing a better tomorrow. We take responsibility for development alongside our customers, working together to create a better, more sustainable future. We are committed to contributing to a more sustainable world. We take responsibility for development alongside our customers. Our employees are central to our mission. United, we foster a drive to progress, focusing on results and the ambition to achieve the world’s best wire and a great workplace. Welcome to Suzuki Garphyttan.
Our job opportunities

Our employees are central to our mission. Each role is vital for our collective success. Whether you work in product development, operations, sales or management, you are part of a team that strives to be stronger together. United, we foster a drive to progress, focusing on results and the ambition to achieve the world’s best wire and a great workplace. 

We are a global but familiar company in the manufacturing industry.  Suzuki Garphyttan has sites all over the world, which help us reach customers efficiently. Our headquarter is located in Garphyttan, just outside Örebro in Sweden. The production facilities can be found in England (Leeds), the USA (South Bend, Indiana), Mexico (San José Iturbide), and China (Suzhou). Our sales office is based in Düsseldorf, Germany. 

To succeed in our endeavour, we are constantly seeking knowledgeable employees. However, we also work diligently to develop those who are already working here. Leaders, employees, product development, and operations are and should be in a constant state of evolution. We're constantly seeking forward-thinking individuals who can give us a boost in the development work we're currently engaged in. Browse our open positions below.

Our job opportunities

Do you have a unique skill set, an extraordinary attitude, or a background that you believe could benefit our team? Become a part of a global team that is constantly developing and maintaining a high pace of improvement. We would love to hear from you. To submit an open application, please upload your updated CV and a cover letter. 

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Your future job at Suzuki Garphyttan

At Suzuki Garphyttan we produce some of the best steel wire products in the world. We help our customers achieve the quality and services they need for products and applications. Could you be a crucial component of our machinery, and make us even stronger?

Working with us means having the opportunity to make the world's best wire even better. The work knows no bounds. Our employees share their expertise and knowledge when it’s needed at our sites around the world. We all contribute to our common direction and encourage collaboration and sharing of experiences.

”We offer opportunities for curious and driven people. So, suppose you are someone who likes to work with products while also sharing thoughts and ideas on how we can collectively strengthen our future. In that case, you are a perfect fit for us," says Ad Raatgeep, CEO and president at Suzuki Garphyttan. He continues: “I compare our operations to a bicycle chain, where the individual parts gain strength within a functional and smoothly operating whole.”

Join our team

We highly value the journey of transformation we are on, expanding our customer base and continually adapting our product portfolio to add value in new industries, segments and applications.  

Skilled engineers put a lot of effort in product development, both creating entirely new products and enhancing existing ones. Our production team manufactures the actual wares through wire drawing and various surface treatment methods. We also have technically-oriented sales representatives that can work with customers on their own terms. Without people to lead, allocate tasks, and manage finances and administration, all businesses come to a standstill. Here, we bring together individuals who care, dare and share.  

650 employees worldwide
100 years of experience
6 locations

Be part of a better tomorrow

Colleague insights

llaria Menti

Application Manager

"Suzuki Garphyttan really makes me grow in my career, but also as a person."

Simon Ning

Production Manager

"We care about one another. We share our knowledge and we aren’t afraid to test innovative solutions. And we’re all working towards a shared goal."

Sakthivel Balaji

Development Engineer

"At SG you have a great working culture, we really live our values of Care, Dare and Share."

Building careers on strong core values

This means being there for each other, especially when things get hard. We're all about working together, lifting each other up, and treating people well. Our team is like a family - no one gets left out. We always put our customers, our team, our partners, and everyone we work with first.

We're always looking for ways to do things better. We're not afraid to try new things and take risks - but we do it responsibly. Honesty and constructive feedback help us stay on track, and we make it a point to listen to everyone's opinions without passing judgment. When we make a decision, we stick to it and do what needs to be done.

Good ideas can come from anywhere, and we make sure to listen. We don't believe in an 'us versus them' mentality - we're all on the same team. We work together to reach our goals and we're not shy about talking about our successes - and even our failures. Our values help us move closer to our vision, one step at a time.

Educational initiatives

This initiative will facilitate ongoing employee development, ensuring that we remain competitive in the ever-evolving business landscape. The Suzuki Garphyttan Academy will include many initiatives starting with investing in our leaders, employees and project management. Success is driven by knowledge and strong leadership. With that insight, it's a natural progression to invest in an academy that contributes to continuous development

The start-up will be fall of 2024. The program will focus on teamwork, productivity, effective communication, navigating change, group dynamics, and clarifying roles and goals, ensuring that we all understand our responsibilities and how we can contribute to our common goals.

Our employees are valuable to us. That's why all our managers are encouraged to develop themselves in our global leadership program. The goal is to shape a common leadership culture and give the managers tools to create the best workplace possible with their team.

Based on local conditions, training initiatives are created also locally at our sites. For example, in Sweden, where the headquarters are located, there is a special focus on leadership in diversity, inclusion, and the psychosocial work environment. Site-specific training can cover different subjects, such as safety, group collaboration, or new equipment to be used in production. In short: the specific competencies needed are tailored to each specific site.