Code of Conduct

Suzuki Garphyttan’s code of conduct follows our vision and outlines the rules of behaviour that guide our actions. The code of conduct serves to protect us by defining what is acceptable and what is not. It also sets out the requirements and expectations for our suppliers, contract distributors, and agents.

The code of conduct states that:

Suzuki Garphyttan’s contact with business partners is characterized by impartiality and follows good business practice. We guarantee their privacy regarding trade secrets and other confidential, business-related data that we obtain.

Bribery and any other form of unethical business practices are prohibited. All payments of commission must be verified and matched to a specific service provided to Suzuki Garphyttan. All business transactions must be reported accurately and completely in accordance with Suzuki Garphyttan’s accounting policies and local laws and are subject to audits.

Suzuki Garphyttan reduces the environmental impact by using a precautionary risk-based environmental management system. We optimize material, energy, and water use and we strive to contribute positively to our local communities by building long-term relationships with relevant stakeholders in the societies where we act.

Suzuki Garphyttan respects legislation and regulations regardless of site location. We will also respect international labour standards such as those outlined in the UN Declaration of Human Rights and the core conventions of the International Labour Organization (ILO).

Suzuki Garphyttan’s employee behaviour standards in the workplace shall be based on mutual respect and trust. Our employment terms also follow union agreements, national laws and relevant International Labour Organization (ILO) conventions.

Suzuki Garphyttan stands for free enterprise operations and competition. We will not participate in cartels or other unauthorized collaborations.

In addition to the code of conduct, there is also a supplier code of conduct, discrimination policy, whistle blower policy, quality policy and environmental policy that is the basis for how we act and operate.