Wire technology

At Suzuki Garphyttan, we redefine steel wire manufacturing by blending craftsmanship with technology, setting new standards for quality, performance, and sustainability.

Customized solutions

We understand the uniqueness of each application. Our approach is centered around crafting tailored solutions.


Our R&D efforts keep us at the forefront of industry advancements, allowing us to enhance our products and services.


We prioritize sustainability in all of our processes, aiming for minimal environmental impact.


Through quality checks and compliance, we maintain a uniform quality for every product.

We transform raw materials into refined, high-performance steel wire products. We offer a variety of shapes and sizes. Our size range is vast, covering ultra-thin wires to large diameters, ensuring we can cater to your unique requirements.

Cold rolling is a sophisticated process conducted at room temperature. We are forming the steel wire with utmost control to enhance strength, geometrical precision, and surface finish. Making them ideal for applications with high requirements in wire forming and end-use. Our cold rolling process covers flat and complex shapes according to your needs.

Precision is at the heart of our cold drawing process. This technique refines the surface finish and ensures the dimensional accuracy of our wires. The result is a wire with a smooth finish, precise dimensions, and improved mechanical properties. By using in-house tool-making equipment we optimize performance in our production and live up to the high requirements of our customers.

Patenting, spheroidizing, and annealing are some heat treatment steps in our wire production process. Patenting improves ductility and toughness and in some cases restores the microstructure for further cold working. Spheroidizing enhances formability, and annealing increases softens the material and improves flexibility.

Our oil tempering process ensures optimal mechanical properties for the wire, making the wire able to withstand demanding conditions in both subsequent forming steps and application performance. This process, which follows cold working, is meticulously controlled to achieve the desired properties for your application.

Our quenched and tempered process is designed to eliminate hazardous substances, providing a robust and responsible solution for demanding applications. This method enhances the performance of our wires, ensuring they meet the highest standards of quality.

For many applications, the surface conditions of the wire are of the utmost importance. In our process, we have extensive knowledge of testing methods such as cross-section analysis in a microscope and especially online Eddy Current testing. With the help of these methods, we control the surface of both round and shaped wire according to the application requirements.

Quality control is a given in our process. Depending on requirements parameters such as chemical composition, tensile strength, hardness, microstructure, dimensional control, and wire geometry are all tested with state-of-the-art equipment.

By having a tight collaboration with machine suppliers and also internal development of equipment we can ensure that we are in the forefront of technology. We continuously work to improve safety and make our process more environmentally friendly. In-house tool-making for both dies and rollers ensure that we keep improving our forming technology and can support customer projects.

Uniting strength to streamline wire manufacturing

Our global approach to excellence cultivates advancements and standardization throughout every production site, resulting in higher quality wire - efficiently manufactured.

Embracing collaboration and knowledge exchange, we unlock new avenues to elevate safety, productivity, and quality while strengthening our products and team dynamics. We value input from our exceptional team across production sites, QA, R&D, and beyond. Focused on local implementation or coordination with our esteemed core team, we offer extensive support via training and innovative guidelines, fueling positive operations impact. Continual assessment and refinements ensure our commitment sets us off toward success.

Strengthening the world

Our customers are at the heart of our wire technology process. Our craft revolves around enhancing wire strength and uniformity through sophisticated techniques. We prioritize quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction, making your journey with us extend beyond a mere purchase.

Advanced lab services, testing, and analysis

Our laboratory facilitates in-depth inspection of wire rods, material investigations, fatigue testing, and chemical analysis. We offer a broad spectrum of material investigations, including failure analysis, surface examination, grain size measurements, hardness measurements, and more.

Our sophisticated equipment ranges from stereo microscopes to scanning electron microscopes (SEM), enabling extensive material investigation possibilities with both secondary and backscatter detectors. For chemical analysis, SEM/EDS enables us to do a detailed analysis of the chemical composition of wire, non-metallic inclusions, surface elements, and more in our quest to continuously improve our products. We also accommodate customized analysis requests in collaboration with our esteemed affiliates, reinforcing our commitment to excellence and precision.

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New industry standards through supplier development

We believe in transcending the ordinary. This belief shapes our relationships with world-class suppliers of our raw materials. Together, we adhere to stringent quality and ethical sourcing standards.

These practices ensure that our products meet the high standards of quality that our customers expect from us. They also allow us to steadfastly avoid conflict materials, reinforcing our commitment to responsible and ethical sourcing.

We strengthen our supply chain and elevate industry standards by focusing on supplier development. Through constant collaboration and vigilance, we ensure our products are synonymous with top-tier quality and a seal of ethical, responsible manufacturing. This ongoing commitment underpins our promise to deliver excellence at every stage of our operations.

Global presence

With our global network of sales offices and manufacturing facilities, we ensure fast response times and local support, offering our customers a seamless experience from product selection to delivery.

Our Way of Working

Our Way of Working keeps us focused on continuously improving our methods. This leads to better operations and sustainable profits, while staying true to our values. We work as a team in a safe environment to improve safety, quality, delivery, and productivity. It's our daily approach to work – finding better ways, and setting new standards for the future.

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