A unified pursuit of innovation and environmental responsibility

Sustainability and technological innovation are constantly shaping the future. Here the collaboration between Lesjöfors Industrifjädrar AB and Suzuki Garphyttan stands as a shining example of sustainable progress and partnership.

With over 50 companies worldwide, Lesjöfors has cemented its position as a leader in spring technology, and at the heart of its collaboration with Suzuki Garphyttan, we find a shared pursuit of innovation and environmental responsibility. 

Martin Korpås, CEO, Lesjöfors Industrifjädrar AB

Lesjöfors manufactures springs for everything from garage doors to submarines and space rockets. The group is owned by Beijer Alma and has seven units in Sweden, three of which are part of Lesjöfors Industrifjädrar AB, where Martin Korpås serves as CEO. Martin reflects on the cooperation with Suzuki Garphyttan: 

"Lesjöfors has a long-standing collaboration with Suzuki Garphyttan. We use wire from Garphyttan for applications that require high quality." 

He reflects on the relationship as a cornerstone of the partnership. 

"The collaboration with Suzuki Garphyttan has always been characterized by mutual respect and honest dialogue." 

Martin reasons about how Lesjöfors and Suzuki Garphyttan have similar goals and priorities regarding sustainability and innovation, creating opportunities for both companies. Competence exchanges and joint development projects constantly contribute to new advances. 

New technology meets traditional needs

Martin emphasizes the accelerating journey towards sustainability, from being a monitored trend to now being a concrete and central part of the business. Lesjöfors' Ecodesign-concept exemplifies this by integrating sustainability principles into the development process to minimize negative environmental impact. 

"The requirements for springs are changing. For example, a spring in a shock absorber needs to be lighter today and at the same time more sustainable," Martin explains, and continues: 

"As the demand for lighter materials with less environmental impact increases, the development of harder materials becomes vital. This advancement enables the production of smaller springs that still meet performance requirements, which aligns with our commitment to sustainability. Reduced material usage is a central component of our Ecodesign-concept." 

Lesjöfors aims to become the world's most sustainable spring company, a journey Suzuki Garphyttan is humbled to follow and be a part of.

Read more about Lesjöfors' products and sustainability work on their website.