Sustainability report

As we look back on the past year, it's clear that sustainability has been a key focus for Suzuki Garphyttan. Our dedication to environmental, social, and economic sustainability not only guides us as a responsible supplier but also reflects our commitment to being an employer of choice.

Throughout the year, we have strengthened our internal capabilities to drive sustainability efforts in an even better way. Together we have set ambitious goals and aligned our efforts with the evolving expectations from authorities, society and our customers, who increasingly prioritize sustainability.

Looking ahead, we will continue to deliver innovative wire solutions and be strong and profitable - in line with our sustainability efforts. We are dedicated to grow and to expand our product portfolio, investing in our employees' development, and reducing our climate impact to ensure value for our customers and stakeholders.

Our strategy is to, over time, integrate sustainability in every part of the company, starting with the areas where we have the greatest impact.