Sustainability report

Every year, we publish a new Sustainability Report. This report tells you about our plans and goals for being more sustainable. It talks about what we believe in, how we're helping with the UN's Sustainable Development Goals, what we've achieved, and what we're planning to do next.

Our vision, mission, and values are central to our work culture and help bring everyone together. We believe that our employees are the core of our company, and it's important to create a corporate culture that empowers them to grow and contribute to our overall success, and we prioritize safe environments. Our goal is to create innovative solutions that benefit everyone involved, and we strive to grow sustainably and generate value for all our stakeholders.

Close collaboration

At Suzuki Garphyttan, we value cooperation with our business partners as it generates more opportunities and allows us to coordinate more efficiently. We are also proud to be part of several collaboration organizations, including the Swedish steel producers' association Jernkontoret, through which we support environmental efficiency research and other projects within our industry.