Social responsibility

Social responsibility is all about taking action to help the community. It can come in many forms, like protecting the environment, treating employees fairly, and promoting diversity and inclusion. In our way of working, we support the UN Sustainable Development Goals, which we are continuously working towards.

At Suzuki Garphyttan, we want to create a supportive and inclusive workplace that values diversity and gender equality. We believe in treating all individuals with respect and ensuring their physical and mental well-being. Discrimination, harassment, sexual harassment, violation, victimization or bullying is never acceptable. We are committed to providing equal opportunities to all employees, regardless of their gender, gender identity or expression, ethnic background, religious or other beliefs, disability, sexual orientation and/or age. We believe that a diverse workforce helps promote innovation and sustainability, which is why we strive to create a team made up of individuals with a range of ethnic and cultural backgrounds. 

Investing in our future

We’re always striving to stay ahead of the curve. That's why we're investing in new product ranges and exploring exciting new business segments and industries. To do this, we need a diverse range of skills and perspectives.

We take the health, safety and happiness of our employees at Suzuki Garphyttan very seriously. We therefore work tirelessly on building and maintaining a safe, inclusive, and diverse workplace that benefits both our company and the individual employee. We believe in the power of people and are convinced that the key to continued development and success is our employees – both those who already work here and those we need to attract to expand our expertise.

A safe workplace

A safe and sound work environment is an important strategic issue for Suzuki Garphyttan. All our employees should be able to work in an environment that fosters good health. We still have work to do before achieving an entirely accident-free workplace, but we are seeing clear improvements. Not only in the form of improved numbers but also in terms of higher risk awareness among our employees. Over the past few years, we have witnessed numerous indications of improvement in our safety culture, with people caring for and looking after each other to a greater extent than before.

Supporting our community

While we're a global company, we believe it's essential to support the local communities around our business. Here are some of the ways we're doing that:

  • Supporting sports for kids: We endorse local sports associations for children to promote their engagement and opportunities to practice sports.
  • Working with our local technical college: We regularly exchange with the technical college to give students insight into the working life and create opportunities to recruit future employees.
  • Environmental training for children: We're committed to securing knowledge and a sustainable way of life for the next generation, which is why we support a nature and environmental training project for children.
  • Offering work experience: We give students of all ages the opportunity to gain hands-on experience at Suzuki Garphyttan. We offer summer internships, and the chance to carry out degree projects at our workplaces around the world.
  • Road and traffic safety: We sponsor the traffic calendar, a project that teaches children road and traffic safety and provides support to schools for integrating road and traffic safety into different subjects.

We're proud to be a part of our local community and to make a positive impact wherever we can.