Safety & Health Policy

A safe and sound work environment is an important strategic issue for Suzuki Garphyttan. The company has the main responsibility for the working environment, and the company is obligated to take necessary actions to prevent health risks and for providing a safe workplace. Work environment improvement measures have positive effects for the individual and their relatives as well as for the company. It is the responsibility and obligation of each individual employee to participate in the work environment work, stay informed about and follow current rules and regulations and to contribute to the prevention of accidents, ill health, and occupational diseases. Together, we pay attention to and report deficiencies in the work environment in our MIA system and to our direct manager. 

Work environment work must be a natural part of all activities within the company. Employees should not only be aware of risks, but also have knowledge of how to report them. If we prevent the risks, we minimize them. We must constantly challenge our working methods to find safer and more efficient methods. The requirements of the work must be adapted to the human conditions in both physical and mental terms. We remind each other when needed and we jointly ensure that we follow laws and regulations. The company's values Care, Dare, and Share must permeate the systematic work environment work in which all employees in the company must participate, collaborate, and contribute. 

To create and maintain a good working environment, it is high demands on everyone involved in the company. It is demands on management, on managers, on support functions, trade unions, the protection organization, on the individual employee and on co-workers. To feel good and to achieve our goals (including ‘Zero Accidents / Occupational Diseases 2025’) and for our measures to be lasting, we all need to work together. There should be forums for this on a regular basis where we discuss and address work environment problems and promote positive initiatives. Continuity and regularity in the work is a requirement and support and coaching in the work environment area must be available within the organization. 

Suzuki Garphyttan continuously evaluates the company's efforts and results in the work environment area to draw attention to and share successes and to highlight any shortcomings that provide a basis for improvements in daily work environment work. The CEO has overall responsibility for the work environment and shall ensure that responsibilities and powers are delegated in such a way that the work environment work can be conducted effectively. Each manager (with a written work environment delegation) is responsible within his/her area of responsibility for systematic work environment work and for providing the conditions to be able to continuously solve emerging work environment problems and be able to work proactively to constantly improve both the physical work environment and the organizational and social working environment.