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Our goal is to always be at the forefront and push our limits of what’s possible. Learn about our wires and the technology behind them.

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Discover the perfect wire solution for your challenge with our diverse product range, or collaborate with us to create a custom wire tailored to your needs.


Leveraging our century-long history, passion for innovation, and engineering excellence, we offer a diverse selection of wires for numerous industries.

Cutting-edge steel wire innovations

We are a global leader in making high-performance steel wire products. Our knowledge spans over a century, enabling us to combine sustainable production practices with cutting-edge technology. Everything we do aims to exceed industry expectations and drive success for our customers and partners. We provide a broad assortment of wires that cater to various applications.

Sustainability report 2023

Download and read our Sustainability report for 2023. The report tells you about our plans and goals for being more sustainable. We hope that it can provide some inspiration to take steps forward towards a more resilient future.

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"This fantastic wire means we can be confident in what we claim"

Customer case: DUX manufactures premium beds with a high degree of comfort and a long life. The secret is their unique DUX spring.


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Tailored for every task

Looking for the perfect steel wire? Whether it's a specific type of wire or a unique application, we're ready to listen and assist. Let's discuss how we can help you.

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