Suzuki Garphyttan announces layoffs

After negotiations with the labor unions on September 14, Suzuki Garphyttan has officially notified 68 employees of upcoming layoffs due to a shortage of work. This decision arises from a weakened European market and decreased production volumes. The decision will affect industrial workers at the facility in Garphyttan, Sweden.

During the year, Suzuki Garphyttan has seen a gradual deterioration of the European market, which has affected the demand for the company's products.

- It is always difficult to be faced with having to cut costs, says Ad Raatgeep, CEO. The signals we get from the market are that the decline will continue for some time, but we hope and believe that there will be a market recovery. However, exactly when this happens is difficult to predict.

Despite current downturn, Suzuki Garphyttan still believes in the future.

- We believe in the future and the development journey that we started together a few years ago, Ad says. The work to broaden the business and find new products in new industries continues despite the adversity we are experiencing right now. Broadening the business and developing new products and applications takes time, but we have several good development projects underway.

After the announced layoffs, it is time for planning and collaboration together with the labor unions and this process is estimated to last between 1-3 months. The employees affected are offered various forms of support during the process.

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