Our Way of Working

With common systems and methods, we as a global company get the best conditions to reach our goals. We have a global management system, a shared business system, our own concept Way of working and Best practice from which we learn and develop together. We conduct yearly on-site audits to follow up on site performance and work methods, ensuring sustainable improvement efforts.

Way of working is our approach to stay customer-focused and continuously standardize and improve. This helps us achieve world-class operations and enables sustainable profitability. By creating higher quality and showing reliable delivery capabilities we get satisfied customers. We can all perform better through good teamwork, and standardized working methods in a safe working environment.

Everyone’s engagement

To reach world-class, everyone must contribute and strive for continuous improvement. Our Way of working enables more employees to develop their skills and take advantage of all the knowledge available in our team. This requires understanding and commitment from everyone.

Continuous improvement

Way of working provides us with tools and methods that enable us to measure, analyse, and improve our processes in a structured manner. To achieve continuous improvement, we must all evaluate our way of working.

Quality is prioritized

We continuously improve our way of working as part of the service we provide to our customers. In cooperation with our customers, we seek long-term solutions through development and technical innovation. Suzuki Garphyttan is certified according to IATF 16949, which is a standard for quality management systems for suppliers to the automotive industry.

Best practice

By working with best practice, we can improve our processes and increase the level of standardization at Suzuki Garphyttan, regardless of production site or nation. By working together and learning from each other, we establish new methods to improve safety, productivity, quality, and the environment. This way, we can reach our goals while also making our products and team spirit stronger.

Well-functioning work methods globally

Our global management system, covering our key strategic, core, and support processes, along with our working practices, ensures that we all work effectively towards our goals through shared methods and standards. The work of implementing a new business system will ensure shared knowledge and smooth operations across all our sites. The overall goal is to standardize, modernize and streamline our processes. With the new system we can get one single interface to our customers and suppliers and provide better service.