Sweden's largest engineering event: Sign up for IGEday at Suzuki Garphyttan

We are proud to announce our participation in Sweden's largest event for promoting diversity in technology and engineering, Introduce a Girl to Engineering day (IGEday). This year's event, taking place on March 22, 2024, marks a historic achievement with over 80 registered companies and more than 2,200 potential participants. It is with joy and commitment that we participate in this decades-long initiative to inspire and include young girls and non-binary individuals between 13-19 years in the world of technology.

IGEday, organized by the Womengineer foundation, aims to increase interest in technology by allowing young talents to try out the engineering profession. For the first time, companies from all counties of Sweden are participating, and we are excited to be part of this national movement to create an inclusive future for technology and engineering. 

Womengineer is based on the belief that closer cooperation between schools and the business community is key to encouraging young girls to explore and maintain their interest in technology. IGEday offers a developmental opportunity for the target group to get a realistic picture of the engineering profession and be inspired for a future in technology. 

Last year's results clearly show that IGEday has a positive impact: 80 percent of the participants stated that the day made them more interested in technical studies. Additionally, 75 percent of the participating companies have previously participated and support this important initiative for inclusion and equality. 

To further promote diversity in technology, our company will actively participate in IGEday 2024. We also encourage everyone to spread the word and advise young girls and non-binary individuals about this fantastic opportunity to explore the world of technology. 

Suzuki Garphyttan opens its doors for young talents at IGEday 2024

At Suzuki Garphyttan, you will not only get a tour of our lab but also a unique opportunity to experience what it means to be an engineer. Two of our female engineers will share their personal journeys to becoming engineers, provide insight into what a typical day at work might look like, and answer participants' questions about the profession and their own experiences. 

Our CEO will also introduce themselves and give a brief but informative overview of Suzuki Garphyttan and our commitment to diversity in the technology sector. Finally, you will participate in an exciting task together with other participants and experience the creative side of engineering work. 

Registration for participants closes on March 6, and registration takes place here: Suzuki Garphyttan in Garphyttan – IGEday March 22, 2024 

Warmly welcome to Suzuki Garphyttan on March 22, 2024 – we look forward to inspiring and sharing our passion for technology with the engineers of the future! 

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