About us


A stronger wire gives you a new range of possibilities to enhance the power, durability, precision and other valuable qualities in your products. Talk to us about what you aim for. We work with innovation, processing and adaptation of wire for hundreds of applications. We provide you with our development experience from the automotive industry, with maximum demands for durability, flexibility and functionality. We can move the boundaries for sustainable production, and replace plastics and other dated material with 100% recyclable steel. Together we can make your products lighter, tougher, stronger, greener, smarter, smaller. Together we can provide you with the ultimate wire for your needs.

Global production and support

Suzuki Garphyttan Group is a world-leading supplier of advanced spring wire and is a part of the Japanese Nippon Steel Corporation. We work globally to develop and deliver the right thing, at the right time, along with a skilled and committed support. Our Swedish production facility in Garphyttan is the centre for global functions and R&D within our group.

Together for a better tomorrow

Our vision “Together for a better tomorrow” expresses Suzuki Garphyttan’s long-term direction and the decisions we make. It is a guiding principle that inspires a common approach to the various tasks at Suzuki Garphyttan.

We are a professional long-term partner and a caring employer driven by a responsible mindset regarding everything we do. We care about giving everyone in our company the best possible chance to develop, to grow and to love their job.