New global trainee program at Suzuki Garphyttan attracts new employees worldwide

October 5, 2020

Participants in Suzuki Garphyttan's global trainee program. From left: Carolina Pazinatto from Brazil, Kajsa Samuelson from Sweden, Santosh Shinde from India, Lea Wienke from Germany, William O´Riordon from England and Andrés Holguin from Colombia.

On October 5, three women and three men from six different countries starts Suzuki Garphyttan´s new global trainee program. More than 500 applications were submitted when Suzuki Garphyttan recruited for the program during the spring. The investment is part of Suzuki Garphyttan's long-term work to secure future key positions within the company.

- I am proud that we can start a program like this, says Ad Raatgeep, President and CEO of Suzuki Garphyttan. It is a long-term investment to secure important key positions within the company for the future.

Suzuki Garphyttan has an ambitious plan for the future. In addition to continuing to be a leading player in the automotive industry, Suzuki Garphyttan also wants to broaden its operations and establish in industries outside the automotive industry. Therefore, the company now needs to be strengthened and here the global trainee program will be an important part to bring in new skills and new perspectives.

- After a long time of planning, it feels good that we can finally get started. Many employees are involved in the program, and they will be an important support for the trainees during the year, says Claes Unestål, global HR manager at Suzuki Garphyttan.

The new trainee program starts on October 5 with a total of six participants from Brazil, Germany, India, Sweden, England and Colombia. They have varying educational backgrounds in areas such as marketing, finance and technology.

– As I am passionate about innovation, I saw the program as the perfect opportunity to expand my knowledge in the steel industry, specially at a world leading wire supplier as Suzuki Garphyttan. The program gives us the opportunity to work with innovation in different areas like digitalization, new market applications, processes, says Andrés Holguin, trainee from Colombia. 

During the autumn our trainees will get an intensive training in Garphyttan with the aim of giving them a good base for their practice on some of Suzuki Garphyttan´s production sites.

The program starts in October 2020 and ends in September 2021.