New update on the Covid-19 and how it effects Suzuki Garphyttan

March 18, 2020

Dear Customer,

I reach out to you to give an update on how COVID-19 effects Suzuki Garphyttan (SG) at this moment.

SG has activities in six countries (Sweden, USA, Mexico, UK, Germany and China). All plants and offices are up and running and no cases of COVID-19 known among our employees. SG has suppliers and parallel operation in several countries which gives us (and our customers) an advantage in robustness and a lot of redundancy and flexibility, if required from the supply chain.

China: Production and travel was heavily restricted in China in January and in the beginning of February which delayed the start-up after the Chinese New Year with two weeks. All travels to and from and China was internally within Suzuki Garphyttan banned since mid-January. To keep the company safe some employees had to stay at home for two weeks before returning to work. Our production capacity is back to normal since late February.

Europe and North America: General Travel bans with very few exemptions since this week. Production and Supply still normal, but we are preparing for a slow down in demand if needed.

We monitor the status and update our restrictions daily in our global management team, based on risk and recommendations. For questions or more information please don’t hesitate to reach out to your SG contact.

Best regards,

Jonas Blomdahl
Chief Marketing Officer, Suzuki Garphyttan