OTEVA and KD updated with new product size range

March 30, 2020

OTEVA SC series is a Super Clean steel, especialy intended for valve, clutch and other springs with extremly high fatigue and relaxation properties. 70 KD is especially intended for the manufacture of clutch and transmission springs and similar moderately high fatigue stressed springs. Together with Nippon Steel SG Wire (NSSG), Suzuki Garphyttan can now offer an extended wire size range of OTEVA SC and KD.

New product size range
OTEVA SC series are now available in a new size range from 6.50 to 10.00 mm as shaved and eddy current tested. The unshaved KD grades are available up to 15.00 mm. The bigger diameters are produced in Japan by NSSG and Muroran Suzuki. Contact your local SG representative for an offer.

Site information
OTEVA SC and KD series are available from sites as below;