Suzuki Garphyttan celebrates its 25th anniversary in South Bend

April 25, 2022

The 25-year-old aiming for increased growth and new opportunities  

Suzuki Garphyttan in South Bend established in 1997, has reached the milestone of 25 years of business. Focusing efforts on development in new industries, products, and skills with a clear aim to continue to be a world-class wire supplier.   

 - We want to be a part of advancing the world going forward”, Hans Rimmerfors, site manager, says. “We have set an ambitious strategy and are now developing our product offerings, capacity, and knowledge to continue to be a strong player in the automotive industry but also to expand our business into new industries. 

Since inception, Suzuki Garphyttan, has provided high quality wire products to the automotive, heavy machinery, farming, and recreational vehicle industries. This wire is used in many high stress applications, such as valve and transmission springs, that must endure millions of cycles without breaking or deforming. Suzuki Garphyttan is one of few players in this niche market and currently supplies over half of the valve spring wire for domestic automotive engine production.  

The facility in South Bend was Suzuki Garphyttan’s first expansion project outside Sweden.  Since then, Suzuki Garphyttan has continued to grow and extend its global footprint with additional production facilities in China, England, and Mexico and a sales office in Germany.   

Over 25 years, Suzuki Garphyttan in South Bend has increased revenue from 5M USD to 60M USD and a workforce that started with 15 employees has increased to 85. The organization has plans to continue that growth through investment in equipment and new facilities, but developing our people, processes, and competence will be key to achieving our goals.  

 - Having a strong focus on our employees, teams, and leadership will be important for us especially now when we want to strengthen our position and move into new business areas”, Temba Sibanda, HR manager, explains. “To attract the right competence and leadership that can and want to be a part of this company and contribute to the development ahead will be very important. 

To be a safe and sustainable company will also be essential moving forward.   

- We really look forward to creating new opportunities for us, our customers, and other stakeholders, Kirk Manning, Business Development Manager North America, concludes.