Update on the Covid-19 and how it effects Suzuki Garphyttan

March 4, 2020

SG has activities in six countries (Sweden, USA, Mexico, UK, Germany and China). All plants and offices are up and running and no cases of COVID-19 has been discovered in the close surrounding of our employees. SG has suppliers and parallel operation in several countries which gives us (and our customers) an advantage in robustness and a lot of redundancy and flexibility, if required from the supply chain.

In China production and travel was heavily restricted in January and in the beginning of February which delayed the start-up of our production site after the Chinese New Year with two weeks. All travels to and from and China was banned internally within Suzuki Garphyttan since mid-January. To keep the company and employees safe some employees stayed at home for two weeks before returning to work. Delivery and supply situation are in general without delays except for some material that hasn’t been released by customs.

In Europe and North America there are travel bans for China, South Korea, Iran and Italy. People returning from these countries will be kept at home for two weeks. Visits will also not be accepted from suppliers and customers, travelling from the countries above. All travels within Suzuki Garphyttan are limited at the moment.

We monitor the status and potential actions daily.