Alloyed steel wire

Our alloyed steel wires are a product of careful engineering, forming a solid base for numerous applications. They combine unique attributes such as composition, shape, and strength to consistently meet your project requirements.
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Wire shaping

Our extensive range of shapes and sizes allows us to meet your unique requirements.

Surface finishes

Application versatility through a wide range of surface finishing options.


Our rigorous testing and material analyses ensure exceptional product performance.


We offer many delivery forms to cater to specific needs and requirements.

Advancement for alloyed steel wire

We create alloyed steel wires that focus on essential features like high tensile strength, impressive flexibility and sag resistance. These characteristics make our wires suitable for a variety of applications in different sectors, enhancing their durability and resilience.

Our wires are built to perform reliably, even under tough conditions. With the integration of the latest steel wire technology, our products can meet the needs of various industries and applications. Their strength signifies the starting point of many extraordinary possibilities.

We prioritize quality in every wire we produce. Rigorous testing and thorough quality checks ensure that you receive a trustworthy product. Each alloyed steel wire comes with a quality certificate for your assurance.

Empowering innovation

Our goal is to help shape the future through our partnership. We're not just manufacturers; we foster innovation, aiming to offer top-notch alloyed steel wire technology. Our commitment to research and development lets us provide practical and sustainable solutions.

Our successful history of over a century contributes to our current achievements. Our years of experience have allowed us to refine our wire production techniques, leading to efficient and high-performing alloyed steel wires that contribute to industry advancements.

Serving globally, acting locally

We cater to global needs while also prioritizing local requirements. With production facilities located worldwide, we offer flexibility, efficient service, and timely delivery for your new projects. We see your location as an opportunity to serve you better.

We're more than just a product provider; we're a solution provider. If you have specific needs, whether for bespoke wire compositions or application requirements, we're here to listen and fulfill your expectations. We value your satisfaction and see you as our partner towards achieving excellence.

We aim for constant improvement and strive to explore the unknown. Our alloyed steel wires are a reflection of this commitment, with product and process development always at the forefront of our efforts.

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