Sustainability strategy

Sustainability is an important driving force for us as we strive for a better tomorrow. That includes finding new applications for our steel products.

Our environmental targets are high on the agenda. They are also in line with the goals in our business plan. We structure our sustainability work according to all three parts of sustainability: environment, social, and financial. We consider all of them equally important for achieving optimal results.

We work intensively to reduce the emissions from our production to both water and air, to develop our business, and further strengthen our position in the steel industry.

We also care about giving every employee the best possible chance to develop, grow, and to love their job. 

We are focusing on reducing CO2 emissions, eliminate waste that goes to landfill, increase recycling of waste and remove non-environmentally friendly elements from our production. An important part to do this is to develop our facilities to reduce our energy consumption, for example by switching to green power and installing solar panels. In addition, we are moving to more sustainable production methods and trying to use our raw materials more efficiently.

Integrate sustainability

Our strategy is to, over time, integrate sustainability in every part of the company, starting with the areas where we have the greatest impact. There is ongoing development within the steel industry to produce steel with lesser environmental impact. Some production methods are generally difficult for spring steel wire, but we aim to offer our customers the option to choose products with less environmental impact depending on what is possible for the specific quality and applications. We will establish sustainability criteria in key business processes and evaluate it together with other important criteria, to achieve our present and future goals.