Collaboration - The driving force behind Suzuki Garphyttan's production improvements

Sam Zeggai, the global operations manager at Suzuki Garphyttan, has worked at the company for over 30 years, tirelessly targeting challenges that enhance both production processes and products.

With the world as his workplace, Sam travels between the company's various facilities to identify and solve productivity challenges and safety issues, along with local colleagues. He describes his mission as optimizing operations and contributing to the company's success by collaborating with competent colleagues worldwide.  

Sam Zeggai, Global Operations Manager

Great success through small changes 

Suzuki Garphyttan's improvement work follows a proven structure that generates significant value for the company. Through innovative methods, a high production outcome is ensured, while the processes often become safer and more efficient.  

Local challenges foster global competence development

Collaboration between different facilities, knowledge and best practices are further strengthening the company's ability to meet customer needs and handle future challenges.  

"Meeting challenges together is a prerequisite for development and creating a long-term sustainable result, both for us as a company and for our customers," concludes Sam.