Door lock actuator rods

Suzuki Garphyttan specializes in providing high-quality wire materials for door lock actuator rods. Our customizable solutions ensure precise bending performance, meeting the specific requirements. Count on us for dependable wire materials that consistently meet the demands of door lock actuator rods and similar applications.

Tailored material solutions for door lock actuator rod applications

Door lock actuator rods find use in a broad spectrum of industries. Whether it's automotive, construction, or security, each industry requires materials with distinct properties tailored to their unique operational environments.

We offer a vast selection of materials and qualities, including stainless steel, tempered steel, and cold drawn/rolled steel. Our materials can provide customizable tensile strength, fatigue resistance, and other critical properties for peak performance and longevity.

Key features

  • Ability to customize properties to fit specific applications
  • Excellent formability for optimal functionality
  • Wide material selection for diverse applications
  • Customizable tensile strength and yield for peak performance
  • Consistent quality and durable performance

Different types of door lock actuator rods have varying requirements. Our aim is to provide a wire that ensures optimal performance for each type of rod. Consequently, we continually adapt our product to suit each specific type of rod, guaranteeing the best performance and reliability.

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