Transmission damper springs

We specialize in the supply of high-quality steel wire used in the construction of transmission systems for use in the automotive sector. As one of the largest distributors of wire for this unique component, we strive to provide unbeatable levels of service and support to each of our customers worldwide.

Key features

Our steel wire solutions are meticulously designed and manufactured to meet the highest standards. They provide the essential properties required for the production of transmission damper springs, some of which are listed as follows:

  • Maximum surface quality: To achieve good surface quality in the wire we use a combination of shaving and an ultramodern drawing technique. To make sure that the surfaces are free from harmful defects on delivery we conduct Eddy Current testing on the wire.
  • High strength and ducility: State of the art drawing technique and heat treatment process are used in the production of our wire which results in consistent strength and high ductility making it suitable for the manufacturing f transmission damper springs.
  • High surface hardness: Our steel grades are especially adapted for nitriding. We select the material's composition to ensure maximum surface hardness and maintenance of core strength.
  • High fatigue strength and relaxation resistance: Our steel wire is known for its exceptional fatigue strength, sag resistance and flexibility, ensuring the durability and longevity of the springs produced from it. This means less breakage and longer-lasting springs for the customers.
  • Profiled cross section: Our wire is also manufactured with an egg shaped or elliptical section in addition to a round one. With profiels cross sections the distribution of the stresses in the wire can be optimised, which increases the finished product's performance reliability and space efficiency.

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