75 KD

Oil tempered SiCrV-alloyed clutch and transmission spring wire

75 KD is especially intended for the manufacture of clutch and transmission springs and similar moderately high fatigue stressed springs.
75 KD S is a shaved version of 75 KD intended for applications with higher surface requirements.

The material has good relaxation properties. The wire is manufactured in sizes from Ø 1.60 to 7.00 mm. Other wire sizes and shapes on request.

High tensile
High fatigue
High sag resistance

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Medium fatigue

for applications with medium cyclic fatigue requirements

Alloyed Steel

Good balance between strength and ductility suitable for various applications


Consistent surface conditions for high performance in forming process

Product information

Technical specification

Mechanical properties

Chemical composition

Surface conditions




Property Value
E modulus of elasticity 206 kN/mm²
G modulus of shear 79.5 kN/mm²

Steel grades and product standards

Nearest equivalent product standards EN 10270-2 ASTM A1000 D
Nearest equivalent steel grades EN TDSiCrV