Cold drawn SM/SH

Our SM/SH wire grades are engineered for springs that require consistent performance in medium to high static load environments, offering a spectrum of mechanical resistance to meet rigorous demands.

Cold-drawn wire is a high-strength material produced through a cold-working process, manufactured in accordance with current international standards, including EN 10270-1, ASTM 228, and JIS G3522 . Our standard wire shape is round, with other shapes like square or rectangular wire also available. This wire offers exceptional tensile strength, along with production using state-of-the-art processes suitable for both static and dynamic applications.

High tensile

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Wide size range

We can create cold-drawn wire in a wide size and diameter range and meet demanding specifications to give you the exact product you requested.


Our cold drawn grades spring wire contributes to enhanced yield, reduced downtime, and minimized scrap in your manufacturing process.

Advanced manufacturing

We utilize state-of-the-art processes in the manufacturing of cold-drawn wire to meet specific demands and deliver high-quality wire products.

Product information

Technical specification

Mechanical properties

Chemical composition


Property Value
E modulus of elasticity 206 kN/mm²
G modulus of shear 79.5 kN/mm²

Steel grades and product standards

Nearest equivalent product standards EN 10270-1 ASTM A228 JIS G3522 SWP-A JIS G3522 SWP-B
Nearest equivalent steel grades EN 10270-1 SM/SH