Flat and shaped wire

GARBAFLEX 75 has a uniform microstructure of tempered martensite. A special heat treatment process has made it possible to produce a material sufficiently ductile for coiling on edge without fracture.

High tensile

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High formability

High ductility ensures that you can form the wire according to your needs

Carbon Steel

Suitable for various applications with moderate requirements in fatigue and wear resistance.

Surface finish

Available in surface conditions according to your need.

Product information

Technical specification

Mechanical properties

Chemical composition

Surface conditions



Property Value
E modulus of elasticity 206 kN/mm²
G modulus of shear 79.5 kN/mm²
Density 7.95 kg/dm3
Microstructure Tempered martensite with no ferrite
Execution (flat) Rolled on 2 sides
Execution (shaped) Rolled on 4 sides Profile drawn
Camber Max. 4 mm measured on 1 m length.
Coil set Max. 20 mm measured on 1 m length.

Steel grades and product standards

Nearest equivalent product standards EN 10270-1
Nearest equivalent steel grades EN/DIN 1070 AISI/SAE 1070