Products equivalent to ASTM A877

ASTM A877 is a standard for high-carbon chromium alloy steel wires, often used in valve springs and similar applications. Our wires, equivalent to this standard, are made with care and precision. At Suzuki Garphyttan, we've been crafting steel wires for over a century. Our experience and dedication are evident in every product we offer.
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Wire shaping

Our extensive range of shapes and sizes allows us to meet your unique requirements.

Surface finishes

Application versatility through a wide range of surface finishing options.


Our rigorous testing and material analyses ensure exceptional product performance.


We offer many delivery forms to cater to specific needs and requirements.


ASTM A877 sets the benchmark for chromium alloy steel spring wire, ensuring they're up to the task for crafting dependable coiled springs. It's a standard that vouches for the wire's mechanical robustness and consistent performance.

ASTM A877 Grade A

Think of Grade A as the starting point of the ASTM A877 journey. It provides a reliable mix of strength and adaptability, making it a go-to for everyday springs and wire structures.

Our Grade A wires

ASTM A877 Grade B

Moving up the ladder, we have Grade B. With an enhanced tensile strength, this grade is all about durability. It's the choice for those scenarios that demand a bit more resilience, where the environment might be a tad challenging.

Our Grade B wires

ASTM A877 Grade C

Grade C takes things up a notch. Crafted for those situations that call for an added layer of strength, it stands firm even when the going gets tough. It's the wire you'd want in those heavy-duty springs that can't afford to falter.

Our Grade C wires

ASTM A877 Grade D

Then there's Grade D, the zenith of the ASTM A877 standard. It's the embodiment of strength in this lineup, reserved for those special applications where compromise just isn't on the cards.

Our Grade D wires

Features of our wires

When it comes to our ASTM A877 equivalent wires, it's all about dependability. Every single wire is born out of rigorous research and a meticulous crafting process.

Why choose Suzuki Garphyttan?

Our track record in the steel wire industry is our testament. Generations have witnessed our commitment to quality. We're not just about making wires; we're about making a difference. Our production processes are as much about efficiency as they are about being kind to our planet. And at the end of the day, it's the voices of our customers and partners that inspire us to push the boundaries.