Now Site Mexico offers both EC testing and unshaved wire

There are many reasons to invest in new machines. Sometimes to save energy, sometimes to create a safer, better workplace. It can also make a process more efficient, result in higher quality or enable us to produce brand new types of products.

When Site San José Iturbide in Mexico updated its machinery in 2022, one improvement was the installation of equipment for eddy-current (EC) testing.

“EC testing uses electromagnetic induction to discover potential damage or defects in the surface of the wire,” says Maria Ehnberg, Site Manager at Site San José Iturbide. “We mark any defects with paint, enabling more efficient sorting.”

The next big thing: unshaved

Another new process removes irregularities from the wire. We can now provide unshaved wire, which enables better yield from the material and is the right thing to do from the perspective of sustainability. Compared with the traditional shaving process, our new process enables even shorter production time.

New warehouse makes a big difference

The plant in Mexico is only six years old but has already outgrown its original configuration. In 2022, we built a new 1,500 square meter warehouse for storing wire rod, the raw material.

“Storing all the material inside the plant wasn’t a good solution, neither for our employees nor the building. The forklift traffic was causing a lot of wear and tear, and all those forklifts driving back and forth were a safety risk.”

Other advantages of the well-planned warehouse include better control and accounting, easier work routines and greater efficiency – all of which will benefit our customers.

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