Site South Bend, US, celebrates 25 years

The year 2022 marked 25 years since the founding of our plant in South Bend, Indiana in the US. A lot has happened since 1997. The business’ income has grown from USD 5 to 60 million and the number of employees has increased from 15 to 85.

According to our employees, the recipe for 25 successful years is a tight-knit culture, teamwork and camaraderie.

“I truly value the opportunity to work with the best of the best of our industry,” says Danie Derbin, Head of Sales at Site South Bend. “We’re a fantastic team, and I think there are essentially no limits to our future prospects.”

Competition for expertise

As Danie says, there are great opportunities ahead. Things are going well for Suzuki Garphyttan in the US. Production volumes increased greatly this year, and the plan is to continue growing. This means there is a need for more employees – operators as well as office personnel. But the competition for expertise is tough, especially in the American market. To attract new employees, we need to both stand out and show what we have to offer. When a new employee gets to know Suzuki Garphyttan and our culture, they often choose to stay.

Stable workplace that continues to grow

In addition to being a stable workplace that is constantly developing and progressing, our corporate culture ends up being a decisive factor for many. Working for a global company, that is surprisingly small and friendly, where we live according to the values Care, Dare and Share, means a lot. Especially in times when the world feels particularly unsettled.

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