After the record year in 2021, Suzuki Garphyttan continues the expansion

February 22, 2022

Suzuki Garphyttan enters 2022 with a record year in 2021 – in several aspects the best result ever in the company's 110-year history. Suzuki Garphyttan is now seriously entering new industries and investing multimillion sums in the operations around the world.   

The global pandemic, high shipping costs and a shortage of components have in recent years contributed to an uncertain market to say the least. Despite this, Suzuki Garphyttan broke all records in 2021, both in terms of volumes produced and sales. A total of 70,000 tonnes of wire were produced, revenues increased from SEK 2 billion (in 2018) to SEK 2.3 billion and increased organic growth by 15 percent.  

The past year has brought the company a lot of positives. Among other things, Suzuki Garphyttan has increased its market share. But it has also been an intense year that has required a lot of commitment and a lot of hard work from all employees. 

"We have had high pressure from the market while we have found ourselves in the midst of a global pandemic," says Ad Raatgeep, President and CEO of Suzuki Garphyttan.  It has put a lot of strain on us of course. All employees have really contributed and supported in a good way when needed. It is all our employees who have made this record year possible. 

These are some ambitious targets that Suzuki Garphyttan has set for the coming years. Entering completely new industries, double the business and becoming even more sustainable. 

"The record year 2021 really increase our opportunities," Ad continues. During the year, we have jointly developed expansion plans that describe how we want to invest in the business in a good way. These are investments that will help us take steps forward, both towards new industries and to develop new products and applications for our wire.   

Suzuki Garphyttan strive to be even more sustainable. These include major investments in capacity, in more environmentally friendly processes and in employees, knowledge and commitment. 

During the past year, Suzuki Garphyttan has, among other things, invested in geothermal heating and switched to completely green electricity in the operations in Garphyttan. The factory in Suzhou, China, has invested in solar panels on the roof. Work is also underway to implement a completely new global ERP system that hopefully will make collaborations in the global business smoother.  

In the spring of 2022, a new group of trainees will be welcomed, while Suzuki Garphyttan will have the chance to start up the important global leadership program that had to be postponed in 2021 due to the pandemic.  

"We need even more committed employees, confident leaders and new skills that match the initiatives and the requirements in the future," Ad concludes . 

Read about the past year and how Suzuki Garphyttan is investing for the future in the annual report Our year in brief here: 


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